Dec 312014


As I’m sure you are aware of by this time, my name is Brock Hargreaves. I’m currently employed as a software test engineer and have been jumping in and out of many different libraries and technologies. I’m exposed daily to Python, C++, Ruby, XML, and more recently QT.

I hope to share many of the “aha” moments I’ve had in these various technologies where the solutions are a bit quirky and review various podcasts and literature. I’ll track my progress, failures, triumphs and experiences I have in software development and attempt to provide something useful in the process!

Some posts may be technical in nature, please don’t hesitate to ask questions! I also love constructive criticism. If you think there is a better way to do something or think I’m insane for approaching a problem in a certain way then by all means let me know! I constantly ask for code reviews from my colleagues, I’m eager to know if they would approach it differently and how I might be able to improve my code.

Happy reading!