Jan 032016

Well there it goes, my first year of blogging. It was certainly a bit on and off earlier in the year, I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting into or what I was going to talk about. All I knew is that I wanted to have a public place to share my thoughts and interesting pieces of literature or code.

I didn’t really start to kick it into gear until I listened to a Ruby Rogues Podcast about marketing yourself as a software developer. I had never really thought about marketing myself to be honest, it’s something I think most scientists cringe about. “Leave it to the business majors.”, is what I’m sure most of my university colleagues would say. It’s an interesting discussion if you have an hour to burn:


The Ruby Rogue crew bring up a very interesting point throughout the discussion on if we choose “not to play the game”. The act of not participating is an action in itself. Though it was never my goal when I started posting, it’s been one portion of motivation to contribute more often rather than let it be something that collects dust.

In any case, for anyone who managed to find their way on here and found something useful. Woohoo! To cap it off, here is a graph of my server traffic over the last year.




So really only HTTP traffic. My webserver generated this image so I couldn’t remove the useless data. Anyway, I’m optimistic for a continued upward trend!

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