About me


My name is Brock Hargreaves and I’m a software developer in digital signal processing!

I have both a B.Sc and M.Sc in Mathematics. During my undergraduate degree at the University of Calgary, I majored in Applied Mathematics and minored in Statistics. During which several of my summers were dedicated to NSERC undergraduate research awards which fuelled my passion for computational mathematics. I started in quantitative finance and options pricing and moved onto digital signal processing and seismic imaging.

At the University of British Columbia, I received my M.Sc through the Institute of Applied Mathematics and the Seismic Laboratory for Imaging and modelling. I studied theoretical and numerical aspects of compressive sensing and sparse signal recovery with application in exploration geophysics. Should you find trouble falling asleep some night, my thesis can be viewed and downloaded here: Sparse Signal Recovery ; analysis and synthesis formulations with prior support information 

Soon after I started graduate school in mathematics, I knew computer science would become a huge factor in my life after university. This website started as a project when I first graduated from my master’s degree and I wanted to make available all the little projects and snippets of code I used and developed in school. These ranged from little scripts that simulate wave motion, to more sophisticated algorithms in signal processing and statistical modelling. It’s since turned into a blog and now I plan on sharing everything I currently work on!

This is an exciting process for me and I hope that you find something useful!


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