Dec 232015

When I started piano lessons about 7 months ago, I started to find interesting parallels between writing code and playing piano. It shouldn’t be hard to imagine that one could be learning a programming language like a musician learns an instrument as well. There are a set of basic tools and principals. In piano, there is your basic syntax of reading music, tools such as arpeggios and scales, and principals like circle of fifths.

The first thing I did when I wanted to move into C++ development was write an open source library in C++ to better grasp the tools and principals of the language. By the time I was finished, I had exposure to a lot of the basic tools from the standard library and basic principals like type deduction, polymorphism, templates, and more “language generic” problems such as design patterns, separation of concern, clean coding, and unit testing.

As part of my journey to expose myself to as much piano as I could, I started watching a lot of youtube videos of pianists. Even if you don’t play piano or an instrument, I would suggest listening to this video, at least from minute 2:15 and onwards.


There is an incredible amount of parallels to learning a programming language but the following stuck with me:

Incorporating scales into your daily practice routine is the most efficient shortcut to technical mastery and brilliance, and it’s an indissoluble part of every great pianists journey.

– Ilinca Vartic

Now if Ilinca was a programmer maybe she would have worded it like this:

Incorporating functions from the standard library into your coding projects is the most efficient shortcut to technical master and brilliance, and it’s an indissoluble part of every great programmers journey.

Not only do you gain fundamental knowledge of the language you’re using, but you don’t have a write unit tests for it! At some point we all realize our wheel probably isn’t as good as the wheel from the standard library. Though there are many facets of becoming an expert at a programming language, I think having intimate knowledge of it’s standard library is important. It’s starting to become more important to me at least.

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