Jan 242017

If you are banging your head against the wall because Eclipse Neon is refusing to resolve C++11 functions (unresolved symbols) in Neon you’ve come to the right place. This is the combined effort of multiple Stackoverflow posts and previous experiences, for Eclipse Kepler, I made a post for the same problem.

First of all, if you’ve tried everything I’m about to describe and still haven’t gotten the right results: Get rid of any bad metadata by following this recommendation. This can help when you’re importing projects from previous versions of Eclipse (or overwriting the .cproject with an older version):

Another brute-force way is to close Eclipse, open your workspace directory and go to “.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.cdt.core” and delete everything in there.

First, update the CDT GCC Built-in Compiler Settings:

  1. Project -> Properties -> C/C++ General -> Preprocessors includes Paths, Macros, etc
  2. Select the Providers tab
  3. Append “-std=c++11” to the compiler specs command


Second, updated the project paths and symbols:

  1. Project -> C/C++ General -> Paths and Symbols
  2. Add __cplusplus with a value of 201103L


Third, update the C++ development tooling:

  1. Project -> Properties -> C/C++ General -> Preprocessors includes Paths, Macros, etc
  2. Under the Entries tab select GNU C++ -> CDT User Setting Entries
  3. Add __cplusplus with a value of 201103L, make sure “Treat as built-in” is selected.



Finish off by re-indexing your project. Hopefully that solves it for you, it’s all I needed to do.

  2 Responses to “Unresolved symbols and C++11 in Eclipse Neon”

  1. Thank you, Brock!

    Above works perfectly for Eclipse Neon.2 under Ubuntu and my C++11 thread project. Previously I had std::thread and some others marked as ‘symbols unresolved’

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