May 032015

I had a problem this weekend where the following snippet would compile within Eclipse, however the IDE would still complain with things like “Symbol ‘array’ could not be resolved”:

There were lots of people who were able to fix this problem by simply adding the appropriate paths, but since it compiles in my case this wasn’t the solution. Anyway, some genius on Stackoverflow figured it out:

Add the symbol with name “__cplusplus” (which in this case is apparently an override):


with the following value:


Now use “Run C/C++ Code Analysis and the red underlining from the unresolved imports goes away:

There is still that red on the left hand side which is just highlighting of the scope which bothers me. This can be removed by right clicking on the red portion, going to preferences, text editors, and removing the “Show range indicator.” check mark:

Finally something nice looking:

Note that for this example I still needed to ensure I was using the C++11 Language Standard:

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